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Generating Carbon offsets.

Green for Green.


Monetizing Sustainability


According to the Center for Climate & Energy Solutions: The scientific evidence is overwhelming: The climate is changing with alarming potential to negative impact food supply chains, public health, energy, infrastructure, regional city and community resiliency.  The International Energy Agency estimates that in global emissions of energy-related CO2 totaled 33.1 billion metric tons in 2018.


Environmental Social Governance is Imperative, not an Option.


Heightened pressure, expectations, and activism from policymakers, regulators, investors, supply chain partners relating to climate action can impact customer loyalty, market capitalization and the ability to generate new business. Companies and governments are increasingly measuring supplier CSR scorecards as a material consideration when awarding contracts.

Addressing carbon emissions with aggressive, articulated solutions rather than opaque, aspirational goals is the new normal expected among environmental advocacy groups, corporate boards, community & civic leaders, voters and shareholders.

Image by NOAA
Image by Mariana Proença

Generating carbon offsets, a market-based solution for the public and private sectors.


There are ways of reversing and mitigating the growth in CO2 emissions.  An entire marketplace has developed around CO2 mitigation that enables CO2-emitting organizations to purchase carbon credits from businesses engaged in offsetting activities, such as the production of renewable energy through wind or solar farms, as well as energy efficiency projects such as LED lighting upgrades, and forestry projects.  

Carbon offsetting means GREEN.


The global carbon offset market is already a trillion dollar market and continues a strong growth trajectory with support from the Carbon Offsetting Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), Paris Accord obligations, as well as hundreds of cities and thousands of companies globally voluntarily agreeing to offset their carbon footprint.

One major U.S. city completed a city-wide LED upgrade that generated an opportunity for over $400,000,000 in carbon offsets.  A statewide upgrade of over 100 buildings generated an opportunity for over $20,000,000 in carbon offsets.  A single commercial building upgrade can generate several hundred thousand dollars on carbon offsets.

Generating carbon offsets


Grella Partnership Strategies in partnership with ISO 14000, 14001 compliant and certified engineers, offers opportunities for governments, not-for-profits and businesses to unlock new revenue streams by using renewable power combined with energy efficiency initiatives to generate newly minted carbon offsets.  


Many carbon offset revenue streams are frequently overlooked or unknown to most corporate real estate, sustainability, facility, and operations groups both in government and the public sector.  


New construction


Energy efficiency technology and upgrades to existing buildings


Building portfolios


LED Lighting Upgrades

Image by Alice Triquet
Image by Paul Teysen

Benefits of monetizing sustainability initiatives


Increased revenue and fee operating cash flow

Additional funding mechanism for sustainability initiatives

Incentivizing innovation in sustainable technologies

Catalyzing job creation and investments in “green economy” activities

Opportunity to emphasize in constituent and shareholder communications

Benefit to CSR and environmental scorecards

Positive branding and reputation impact

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