A new decade is dawning as is the opportunity to articulate a bold vision for economic and social progress, a quantum leap in innovation and opportunity, one that successfully navigates the complexities of creating inclusive prosperity, uplifts existing industries and embraces the new economy.  To thoughtfully curate fiscal growth that aligns with public assets & resources, that complements and catalyzes existing industry, that improves opportunities and outcomes, is a great responsibility.   


How do you maneuver through competing demands for current expansion projects, retain existing industry, while building a resilient, inclusive and sustainable future? Economic Development 4.0 is addressing today’s most pressing economic development challenges:


Emergence of Industry 4.0 with disruptive technologies displacing significant employment sector without adequate preparation and retraining


Increased expectation for Environmental and Social Governance;


Demand for economic growth that addresses negative externalities, e.g., affordable housing, traffic, carbon footprint, now and in the future – economic resilience and sustainability;


Increasing disdain towards taxpayer funded incentives and businesses that seek them;


Fiscal demands to fully fund anchor educational, health, and social institutions supported by a healthy corporate tax base and private sector support;


Expectations for high-value incentive packages with limited accountability;


Heightened, institutional, community and employee activism.


GPS helps you find and develop Economic Development 4.0 solutions with the following services:


Strategic Planning and Policymaking – Incentive Policymaking and Business Attraction


Public Relations and Messaging


Economic Development, Disruptive Technology, Smart City Education


Corporate and Community Engagement



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