Land Use & Site Planning.

GPS’ broad capabilities include in-depth array of planning and planning-related services to municipalities, private corporations, not-for-profit agencies, institutions and private developers.  Working with Ferrandino & Associates Inc., AICP certified professional planners and trusted advisors with decades of experience in the planning, housing, economic development and environmental fields, GPS delivers best in class technical and analytical planning public and private development projects.  Expertise includes land use and zoning studies, community visioning, comprehensive and environmental planning, parking and traffic analysis, economic development, marketing, fiscal impact analysis, real estate analysis and site feasibility in addition to specializing in affordable housing, commercial revitalization and community development planning and administration.  Technical advisors are often called as expert witnesses in planning and zoning cases for municipalities, institutions and private developers including in landmark cases with precedent setting decisions.

Reviewing Construction Plans
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Capabilities also include a myriad of environmental services including the preparation and review of long form Environmental Assessment Reviews & Studies and environmental impact statements under SEQRA, CEQRA and NEPA, Phase I environmental audits, brownfields due diligence, wetlands delineation, parking, traffic, noise, and air quality analysis.  Projects are laser focused on promoting public-private partnerships in development projects that serve to foster both environmental protection, community and economic growth.



Comprehensive planning, zoning and land use studies

Community Visioning

Environmental impact statements and reviews

Wetlands delineation, analysis and mitigation

Phase I environmental audits

Parking and traffic studies and impact analysis

Air quality and noise analysis

Urban design studies and site analysis

Historic preservation planning

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Graphics/ computerized mapping/GIS

Market research/demographic analysis/ projections

Neighborhood and commercial revitalization studies

Business Improvement District feasibility studies

Federal and State economic development loan packaging

Housing studies and technical assistance pertaining to market rate, affordable, and subsidized housing

Housing and community development plan preparation/consultation, including Consolidated Plans, HOME and HOPE

Government procurement and contract management

Expert testimony pertaining to housing, zoning, land use and economic development matters