Mike Grella

CEO & Founder


"Innovation and invention will not wait to accommodate your otherwise busy schedule."


With over twenty-five years of leadership experience spanning economic development, tax, and global public policy, Mike has touched many facets of the dynamic between the public, private and community partners engaged and committed to driving inclusive economic growth and resiliency.  He brings unique insight into strategic communication, incentive policy and negotiations, infrastructure value, site selection, sustainability, public financing, tax as well as the current and increasingly omnipresent impact of Industry 4.0.  Mike is driven to create long-term solutions that mutually benefit communities, constituents and companies while being fiscally driven and socially responsible. Hear Mike's perspectives on the intersecting future of economic development and corporate social responsibility. 


"If you’re looking around corners for the next disruptive technology rather than creating or driving it, consider yourself officially behind the curve today, disrupted tomorrow, and obsolete soon thereafter."

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