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Daniel Neidorf

Director of IT & Digital Marketing

Daniel Neidorf Headshot 2020.png

Having embraced the principles, methods and constant changes of the business environment, Daniel Neidorf is known as a Master Marketer for Industry 4.0.

In his career, Daniel has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners through digital transitions presenting his business strategy as a company-wide initiative.


Daniel specializes in delivering the implementation of digital marketing and marketing automation that connects businesses and clients, presenting a customized and personalized customer experience.


“The digital solutions of Industry 4.0 have changed humans as consumers. It has affected their work processes and behavior. Because of the results of dynamic and exponential development of technologies and the impact on society, the changes are also occurring in the areas of marketing activities and marketing tools. We have to learn how to master the new reality of today’s markets,” says Daniel.


Daniel is the Founder and President of Daniel James Consulting, a Business Management & Marketing Solutions company designed for flexibility to respond to new demands and opportunities.


They covers a wide scope of business areas: Business Consulting Services, Marketing Intelligence, Social Media, Website & Graphic Design, Enterprise Intelligence, IoT & Industry 4.0 Intelligence.


Daniel works with ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to:


• Develop, design and market new businesses with comprehensive Market Entry Strategies

• Design their individual digital transformation processes using innovative IT technologies

• Attract local, regional, domestic and international clients via implementing Digital

Transformation and Multichannel Digital Marketing solutions based on best of breed platforms and technologies

• Define, plan and execute their Business & Marketing plans and strategies

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