Image by Mitchell Kmetz

Jennifer E. Goldman


Managing Director



Jennifer lends her deep expertise, support, unique strategies, and creative solutions to nonprofit, small business and local governmental department leaders to help them overcome short-term challenges and achieve long-term goals and growth. Through services like facilitating planning meetings and retreats, presenting training

workshops and offering on-going consulting support Jennifer helps leaders and their teams stay focused on their goals, recognize the smaller steps to be taken along the way, and help identify the tools and resources needed for maximum impact and profit. Her experience includes:

  • Working with Historic Downtown/Main Street Communities to ensure economic vitality, historic preservation, and community development that is inclusive, forward-thinking, and sustainable

  • Assisting business owners with special use permit and other government applications, communicating with government administrators and "translating"

  • Assisting in the establishment of wineries/vineyards/agricultural businesses

  • Program development to aid in the grant writing phase of a nonprofit's fundraising efforts

  • Navigation of the Foundation Center's grant database to help identify funding options for nonprofits

  • Developing and managing entrepreneurship/youth entrepreneurship programs

  • Facilitating business/entrepreneur panels, training workshops, and board retreats