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Listen Now: Site Selection For Emerging Industries

In this LiveXchange podcast, Mike Grella of Grella Partnership Strategies and Carl Nelson of Infrastructure Ready explore high-growth, tech-centric manufacturing and other capital investment projects.

High-growth, tech-centric manufacturing and other capital investment projects continue to proliferate, and site selection for these projects has taken on a new dimension. Manufacturing electric vehicles, running large data centers, and other operations that require a reliable digital infrastructure, sufficient power and water sources, and a talent pipeline are reshaping the site selection process in this arena. Many emerging industries projects are also seeking large, shovel-ready sites to get operations moving as quickly as possible.

Business Facilities’ Editorial Director Anne Cosgrove spoke with Mike Grella, Founder & CEO of Grella Partnership Strategies, and Carl Nelson, Managing Principal of Infrastructure Ready to share their insights on these types of projects, based on their shared and individual professional experiences.

Grella Partnership Strategies is a firm with expertise in data center, e-commerce, and industrial real estate site selection, acquisition, infrastructure development, smart cities, and economic development. Infrastructure Ready is a location economics, site selection and commercial real estate development firm.

On October 6, 2023 in Columbus, OH, Grella and Nelson will present a general session on this topic at Business Facilities LiveXchange Emerging Industries. Taking place October 4-6, this event brings together site selectors and economic professionals in an atmosphere that is professional, productive, and fun, with a focus on high-growth, tech-centric projects. Over three days, attendees at LiveXchange Emerging Industries can expect to gather a vast amount of information about locations and interact with peers through scheduled meetings, conference sessions, and networking.

Click below to listen to our conversation on Site Selection For Emerging Industries with Grella and Nelson. Share your thoughts and experiences on this topic in the Comments section below. This podcast will also be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Samsung Podcasts, and Podchaser.


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