Services Overview.


Today’s Grella Partnership Strategies represents a collective of members with a combined powerful 250+ years of experience, thousands of projects/initiatives of combined experience in traditional and emerging community, economic & workforce development disciplines in all 50 states and over 25 countries. We advance citizen and community prosperity and opportunity through education, empowerment, and engagement. Our work is purpose-driven, socially aware, and wildly intentional to benefit communities and constituents alike.


We are passionate connectors, grand storytellers, fearless advocates, trusted advisors, and insightful strategists. With a balance of bravado and humility, our goal is to partner with like-minded organizations committed to inclusion, sustainability, smart growth, and social responsibility. It is time to disrupt the status quo and the GPS collective is on your side. 

Connectivity is our jam. Whether it is making introductions between Governors, Mayors, Regional &  Community Executives and hundreds of Global Fortune 1000 contacts, or having access to bleeding edge insight and strategy for remote red carpet tours, smart city/IoT/big data offerings, building FDI campaigns that resonate with global audiences, GPS seamlessly connects you to global markets & opportunities.

The current economic environment demands business and workforce resurrection. While our areas of expertise cover nearly every aspect of economic development, we are engaging most significantly in these specific areas today:


• CEDS Drafting & Review, Strategic Planning and Execution

• Workforce Development Alignment and Planning

• Labor Shed Analysis and Marketing

• Business Resiliency & Disaster Recovery Planning

• Community/EDO Online Transformation & Visibility Optimization

• Business Attraction Marketing Solutions

• Business Retention and Expansion Solutions

• Foreign Direct Investment 

• Economic, Fiscal & Community Benefit Studies

• Policymaking, Legislative Drafting, Research & Analysis

• Corporate Site Selection

• Industry 4.0 & Smart Cities Solution Advisory

• Federal & State Grant writing

In the end, we are active listeners and invite you to reach out to a member of the collective. Together, we can problem solve and create prosperity specific to your needs.


Scope of Services.




• Strategic Planning

• Rural Economic Development

• Urban Economic Development

• Organizational (Staff/Board) Development

• Fundraising

• CRM Customization

• Contract, Fractional EDO Co-Sourcing, Outsourcing

(for various EDO functions, positions)

Business Development


•Industry 4.0 EDO Virtual VIP/Red Carpet Tours

• E-Commerce/Omnichannel Digital Transformation


• Advisory for Main Street SMBs


• Business Resilience Planning


• Disaster Recovery Planning


• National and International Business Attraction


• Business Retention/Expansion Planning and Outreach


• Warm Lead Generation and Product Development


• Site Selection


• Foreign Direct Investment


• Shovel Ready Site & Community Advisory for E-Commerce, Logistics & Data Center Operations

• Simulated Site Visits, Meetings & Mock Negotiations for Large Prospective Projects


Marketing & Communications


• Marketing and Communications Strategic Planning


• Branding & Campaign Development & Execution


• EDO/Tourism Website Design


• Public Relations


• Events


• Conference, Industry Trade Show Planning & Execution


• Conference/Event Public Speaking

Market & Business Intelligence


• Custom Data Reports


• Hosting Virtual Roundtables & 1:1 discussions with Corporate Expansion


• Decision Makers


• Data Visualization


• GIS Mapping


• Surveys & Insights from Corporate Expansion Decision Makers  


Strategic Initiatives


• Target Industry Cluster/Labor Market Studies


• Smart Cities Technologies and Solutions


• Economic Development 4.0 Next Generation Smart Incentive Program


• Policymaking


• Job, Investment, Training Tax Credit Compliance & Administration


• Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Engagement & Strategy


• Supply Chain On-Shoring & Reshoring Strategy with Curated, Warm

Prospect Intros


• Sustainability, Carbon Offsets, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency Programs


• Economic, Fiscal & Community Impact Studies


• Community Benefit Centric Public & Private Economic Development Incentive Negotiations


• Coalition Building, Lobbying & Advocacy


• Workforce Development Planning


• Community, Neighborhood Relationship Building


• Federal Funding Grant Writing (EDA, USDA etc)


• Grants Management, Administration & Compliance


• Research & Analysis (Traditional/Nontraditional Data Sets and Presentation)


• Revolving Loan Fund Creation/Administration


• Land Use, Planning & Zoning Work



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