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Find Your True North.

The goal of achieving sustainable, inclusive, and resilient prosperity requires a firm commitment to taking bold actions, upsetting the status quo, and often times confronting difficult truths.

Let GPS be your compass guiding you through a journey towards a more equitable future.

The one size fits all approach to achieving organizational, institutional and community prosperity is obsolete. GPS curates visions and solutions to diverse industries, customer sets and constituencies;

Image by Kelvin Zyteng


Audentes fortuna iuvat.  Your success is bold and intentional, your potential is limitless, you are a grandmaster at looking around corners and being three steps ahead of everyone else.  So what about your relationship with government?  Not big enough to be concerned, too soon, better things to do...


Grants. Loans. Licenses. Regulations. IP. Open Data. Disclosures. Registrations. Taxes. Procurement. 


Collaboration, education, creating rapport with policymakers and regulators can deliver durable competitive advantage.  The decisions made [or not made] today will indelibly impact the trails blazed tomorrow.


Tailwind or Headwind.  You choose.


Global ambitions, global footprint, emerging markets, new products, expansion mode, creating new jobs, investing in innovation, investing in people. 


One chance to make a first impression with people, policymakers, and press.  


Is it all about you? Are you making a deal? A short-lived romance, sizzle then fizzle?  A game show? A beauty contest?  How do you want to be perceived?


This is a long-term relationship we hope lasts forever.  Looking for a soulmate, let's complete each others sentences.  We make each other better.  We know that planting the seeds for multi-generational prosperity start with bold commitments to education, infrastructure, inclusion and the environment.

Image by Ant Rozetsky
Image by Burak Ceviz


We are storytellers.


Transparency is vital to highlighting a process and results that work for everyone.  We help craft the message with constituents, businesses and investors as the audience – a message that highlights your communities’ strengths and abilities to grow.

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