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Why GPS? Find Your True North.

The goal of achieving sustainable, inclusive, and resilient prosperity requires a firm commitment to taking bold actions, upsetting the status quo, and often times confronting difficult truths.

Let GPS be your compass guiding you through a journey towards a more equitable future.

Purpose-driven solutions begin with listening.

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Our Expertise


Over 250 years of collective economic development consulting experience including over $15 billion of capital investment transactions managed, with experience in all 50 states and over 20 countries.

Our Network


Over 2,000 relationships in our network to get you
connected to decision makers & influencers.

Our Purpose


Deliver purpose-driven solutions to catalyze sustainable,
inclusive, equity driven long-term prosperity for businesses
and communities.

Economic Development 4.0


Data-driven solutions leveraging GIS mapping, open data
APIs, predictive analytics & machine learning generate
actionable business intelligence.



Accelerating Community Recovery.


The American Rescue Plan Act has begun disbursing hundreds of billions of dollars to state and local governments for pandemic recovery and to promote economic development. Prioritizing allocation of funds to generate maximum effect on your local economy presents unique challenges and tremendous opportunities. 

GPS' national team of experts will help optimize the impact of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) federal funding. Many communities used CARES Act funds for business loans, grants, and to subsidize activities for shifting business models to accommodate pandemic restrictions or offer new and improved pathways to economic growth. ARPA provides communities with broader latitude for eligible use of funds which can be spent through December 31, 2024. The first step is starts a comprehensive assessment and prioritizing of community needs . 

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What we do


Grella Partnership Strategies (GPS) is an economic development collective delivering results through a holistic suite of traditional and progressive services. Focusing on responsible growth for the betterment of all. Core service offerings are
centric to business development, expansion, and strategic initiatives.

Who we serve


Fortune 1000 companies & private businesses, federal, state and local governments, economic development organizations, utilities, real estate developers, institutional investors, & labor organizations

Why GPS?


We are passionate connectors, grand storytellers, fearless advocates, trusted advisors, and insightful strategists. With a balance of bravado and humility, our goal is to partner with like-minded organizations committed to inclusion, equity, sustainability, smart growth, and social responsibility. It is time to disrupt the status quo and the GPS collective is on your side.

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