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Strategic Planning & Execution.

We are Sherpas.

We have climbed hundreds of mountains and lived to tell the tale. We know the consequences of failure are unforgiving, but we live for the journey, the challenge. Our first and only responsibility is to guide you securely and swiftly to the summit, looking around corners to identify and resolve any risks that threaten your journey before you see them coming.  Our backpack is a survival kit filled with Knowledge, Preparation, Engagement and Execution.


We look around corners at the needs of business and future trends.  Disruptive technologies, driven by Industry 4.0, will provide new and unique challenges as you plan for the future.  Tackling unintended consequences and externalities through careful planning and proactive engagement provide an invaluable opportunity to plan for the future today.  Strategic planning now can build economic resilience and sustainability.

Analysing data

We are Data Driven.

We leverage real-time and historical data analysis to build, adjust, and iterate policies to ensure they are reflective of current and anticipated economic opportunities and challenges.  Labor availability, diversity, cost, transportation, quality of life, environmental, educational, tax, health, social, and other demographic and socio-economic metrics can be extracted, filtered, and correlated.

We are Appraisers.

We measure twice and cut once.  Your community and institutional assets including natural resources, educational institutions, infrastructure, workforce, market, cultural amenities, housing, and renewable energy production must be valued, quantified and prioritized.  Meaningful and measurable performance metrics, that go beyond jobs, wages, and investment, should be part of any incentive policy.  We measure key demands from investors and businesses and help you to assess their cost-benefit ratio for your community.

Image by Ryunosuke Kikuno

We are Planners.

We help develop incentive and attraction policies that focus on both what communities and businesses need to achieve synergies that will result in resilient and sustainable economic development.  We help to move beyond “beauty contests” or a “race to the bottom” in favor of incentive programs that attract the right companies under the right circumstances to build the best possible future.  Together we can craft economic development policies that attract valuable investment projects which create lasting partnerships and prosperity while achieving significantly high returns on investment with improved governance and compliance.

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